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The group "Mallet Duo" was formed in 1995 in GdaƄsk, Poland. The group performs classical music pieces in its own arrangements for marimbaphone and xylophone as well as genuine pieces composed for percussion instruments.

Repertoire includes pieces by such composers as Johann Sebastian Bach, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, Ludwig van Beethoven, Antonio Vivaldi, Fryderyk Chopin, Goacchino Rossini, Georg Bizet, Johanes Brahms and many more. The group performed with great success in Poland, Germany, Austria, France, Holland ,Luxembourg, Lichtenstein, Italy and Switzerland. "Mallet Duo" performs nearly one hundred concerts every year.

The group has released four CDs so far. The first, titled "Mallet Duo" in 2001; the second titled "An die Freude – Musik des vereinten Europa" in 2004; the third titled:"Marimba und Xylophon durch die Epochen" in 2009 and last titled: "Quer durch die Klassik" in 2012.

Our concert activity is addressed to vast spectrum of audience, including concerts for considerable number of listeners as well as chamber music concerts.

Children, teenagers as well as more mature listeners enthusiastically receive our music.

We offer musical setting for banquets, social events as well as concerts at schools and old-people’s homes. We participate in musical festivals and cyclical concerts.

We will be honoured if we manage to attract your attention to classical music in new and unique arrangements for marimbaphone and xylophone.

Piotr Schiller

Mobile: +48 602714610
CH +41 788580526
D +49 1734176542



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Mobile: +48 602714610; CH +41 788580526; D +49 1734176542; E-mail: piotrschiller@gd.home.pl, malletduo@hotmail.com
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